About the House

This Georgian style home was built in the year 1899. My wife and I have always dreamed of running a Bed and Breakfast, so when we stumbled across this magnificent home we knew in our hearts that she was the one. When we purchased this home it was in shambles. People wanted to tear her down and build a parking lot. We weren't going to stand for that, so we got to work. Our dream has come to fruition and her name is Nostalgia.

History of the Nostalgia

A man named Thomas Junk came over from Ireland where he was a tenant farmer, and arrived in New Jersey. Around 1788, Thomas traveled to Pennsylvania where he built a log home and created a family with his wife Elizabeth. They had seven children and their oldest son was also named Thomas. He married Ruth and they made the journey with wagons and horses, when there were few roads and untouched forestry, to Union Township in Ross County. They bought land and built their own home. Thomas and Ruth had several children, and one of them was also named John. He was a young child when he moved to Ross County and he later joined the Army and fought in the War of 1812. Years later, John bought land in Deerfield Township of Ross County and cleared it for farm land. John married Susan and had five children. One of their son's named Thomas Junk, who was born in 1816, grew up and bought land near his parent's home and became a farmer just like the lineage before him. John became very successful and owned over 600 acres of land in Deerfield and Concord townships. Some of his crops were hauled on riverboats to the Southern States. Thomas married Phoebe and they had nine children.The farm land has continued to be in the family for over 160 years. 

Nostalgia also known as the "The Junk Home" was built for twins Mary and Martha Junk in 1899. They were the daughters of Thomas and Phoebe Junk. Neither sister married and lived together in the home. Nostalgia has four rooms upstairs, and five rooms downstairs with ornate oak, walnut, and cherry throughout the home. The front of the house has the Georgian style white columns decorating the front porch. 

The home has been restored to it's beauty and guests can now appreciate history being brought back to life.